Friday, February 01, 2008

the varieties of masculine experience - I.

tactical self-naming.

Description: appending a name to one's position or tactical group that is less a marker of denotation than it is a marker of difference and territory

Purpose: to declare one's group different, distinctive; to announce oneself open for "cultural business," declare oneself worthier than; to declare oneself and one's group a tactical brand, to generate an economy of scarcity about the brand, call attention, to "other as better" oneself and one's tactical affiliates, to manufacture, augment and amplify one's difference, to relabel on old niche, to be non-affiliative on the whole -- to posit a frame of crisis in which to perform "defiant" acts

Recent Ephemeral Examples
New Sincerity* 
Flaff (flarf?)
New Cruelty
New Brutalism
Less Recent Less Ephemeral Examples

Requisite Bourdieu or Simone Weil Commentary:
"The names of the schools or groups which have proliferated in recent painting (pop art, minimal art, process art, land art, body art, conceptive art, arte pauvre, op art, kinetic art, etc.) are pseudo-concepts, practical classifying tools which create resemblances and differences by naming them: they are produced in the struggle for recognition by the artists themselves or their accredited critics and function as emblems which distinguish galleries, groups and artists and therefore the products they make or sell." PB, TFoCP, p 106

* Could be considered less disingenuous as others, as it seemed to rise from a desire to not participate in the economies of mere self- and group-aggrandizement -- and was in fact because of this short lived. 

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